Starting A Blog in 15 minutes-The Best Free Guide 2016

Starting a blog in 2016Starting a blog has always been what a lot of people want, but knowing how to start a blog is always difficult.

This guide will teach you how to start blogging for free.

There are millions of bloggers out there.

With our tips you can boost your popularity and start making money for yourself.

The first step to starting a blog, is to decide what you want to write about.

Take a time to think about what you want to share with people.

Either what you know or your experiences.

For example,

If you love politics and have a lot to share. Then you can decide to blog about your perspective.

Either about politics in your country or even world politics


If you love fashion, then you can start a blog on fashion. You can provide fashion tips and new ideas to people.

If you love playing games you can decide to start a blog about gaming and write about it

You can actually write about anything.

Always ask yourself this question.

Can you provide regular quality content with your chosen topic?

If you have already chosen a topic, lets tell you why you need a blog.


Why Starting A Blog Is Important in 2016

  • Starting a blog is free. You do not require any start-up. All you need is a working internet connection and a computer. In the past, it was very expensive to own a blog. Now things have changed. You can get one for free, Right now.
  • You can build your popularity easily. Yes, there are many popular bloggers in the world today. Their new status is simply because they started blogging. Starting a blog today is surely a good idea.
  • This will generate more income for you. Many blogger generate so much income online. This could be a passive income for you, if you already have a job. If you are unemployed and hardworking then be sure that this guide will teach you how to start a blog and make money online.
  • You can also be a success and help people online. If you have a desire of helping people, then this is your great opportunity. You can start gaining readership from people interested in your topic. If you really want to help, then get started.
  • Your creativity would improve when you start your own blog. It will also improve your writing skill.

With this guide, you will learn how to start your own blog and become popular.

I will show you step by step how to start a free blog or a professional blog.

If you need any help please kindly contact us to assist you.

how to start a blog and make money online

How To Start A Blog For Free

I have already mentioned that starting a blog is very easy. It does not require any programming skill or CSS knowledge.

Now lets start

The most popular platforms you can create a free blogs are

  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • Tumblr

For free this is an example of how your domain name would look like


Dont panic.

We would create a free blog in minutes.

How To Start A WordPress Blog For Free

Go to Google

Type WordPress into the search box


Click through that link to the WordPress website


Click “create website” link and be shown various packages for WordPress.

Check out WordPress plans here.wordpress-packages

To create a free blog then “select Free“. With the free package you are assured of the following

  • Blog for life
  • Get support from community forums
  • Many free themes for you to choose from
  • 3GB storage capacity

You can later upgrade later. See the features of an upgrade


Why an upgrade may be necessary

  • WordPress adverts would be removed from your blog
  • There is an increased Storage space depending on your upgrade plan
  • Free advance Search Engine Optimization guide
  • You can also Monetize your website

But there are better options to this.

You can get a Cheap domain name and hosting. This will be discussed later.


Create your account with WordPress


Fill in the requested field correctly

  • Email
  • Username
  • Password

An e-mail would be send to your inbox for confirmation

Next, Click confirm to get Started


When you complete the initial steps of your registration


Then you can click “continue” to the next step.

Choose a platform that easily describes you blog.

Scroll down through the list and make the correct choice. For example, if you are blogging about business ideas, then choose “business and services“. Its that easy.


Next step is to choose a design of your homepage.

Scroll through the list and select your best design.


Next, Choose a Theme for your WordPress blog.

Again, there are multiple free themes you can choose from. You can always change this later.


Next, Get a WordPress address.


Remember that as a free blog, you do not get customized domain name.

With this you have completed your free WordPress blog.



How To Start Blogging With Blogger For Free

Now let us create a free blogger blog. Its so easy

First, if you have not already signed up for a google account. Then lets get one.

Blogger or Blogspot is owned by google. You can only get a free blog with a google account.

Now head to google search. Type “google sign up” into the search box


Click through the “Create your Google Account” link. Fill in the necessary details


Next, sign into your account to connect to the blogger website


Next step, choose your preferred language. Then update your profile.


Then continue to blogger blog overview


Here you can easily manage all your blogs in one platform.

Next, click “view blog” to create a new blog


Now you can create your blog


Choose a blog title. For example if am a fashion designer, then i could have a title like this -“Fashion blog”.

Your address is your blog URL. For free blogs, You can not have a custom domain name.

So create an address like this ““.

There are free templates you could choose for your blog. Just scroll through and make a choice.

When you are through. Just click “create blog

This is how your new blog looks like

Wow, so easy. Right?

how to start a blog

Now you can create a your first blog post. Click on “new post” and Start blogging.


Why Starting A Blog For Free Is No Longer Popular

There are millions of people using free blogs. But its becoming less popular. It is important to let you know why it is a bad idea in 2016.

  • If you have decided to create a blog, then it is necessary to be professional. Why? because it builds confidence and trust in your followers. Think about the most popular blogs you visit. From the domain name to their the blog post are so attractive and professional. If you want your people to take you seriously, then get a domain for yourself.
  • Having a blog address that look like this “” does not look professional. If you desire to be an authority in your topic, then you must invest in yourself. Big brands in your nitch did not start today. They have put in a lot of effort to build their brand. Making investment in your blog is vital to your online success.
  • Setting up a free blog is easy, like i have already demonstrated. But free does not mean “totally free”. Most blogging platforms would still charge you indirectly. For example, the themes you get for free are not always attractive. If you want a quality blog, then you might have to make an upgrade. Or even buy a theme. Also you do not get good plugins with your free blog. If you are interested in starting a blog in 2016, then get a web host.
  • Also, your blog might be shut down by your provider. This means your all efforts would disappear in seconds. Immediately you get a blog and start posting content, you will have a lot of visitors over time. If you desire to make your investments secure, then get a self hosted blog.

That’s Not All

  • There is no way you can make money from a free blog. Your cannot put up ads and Google Adsense. Its not allowed. If you want to make money from your blog, then your have to invest in a quality blog.
  • Your free blogging providers will also place ads on your blog.
  • If you are starting a blog, you need to build your brand slowly. This starts from everything in your website. Including your email. With free blogging sites, you do not get a customized email address.
  • Heard of affiliate marketing? this is just one easy way to make money online. Its not allowed on a free blog.
  • Finally, Go to google and search for any product or what you like. You will not find a free blog ranking on the first page of google. Most free blogs are not well optimized for seo purposes. They are just there to make money off your hard work.

Having said that,

If you are just getting started for the first time with a low budget, then you can get a free blog. Then start blogging.

But if you want your blog to look professional and secure, Then lets get started.


How to set up a blog

To set up a blog, you need a platform.

The most popular blog platform is WordPress. Others include Blogger and Tumblr.


Why Starting A Blog With WordPress Is The Best?

  • It is very easy to install and set up WordPress on your blog. It is a one click process and your installation is complete. With Siteground web hosting it is far more easier.
  • WordPress is secure.
  • It is also optimized for seo. If you really want traffic from the search engines, then WordPress wins it. It is well optimized for Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.
  • There are many free quality themes to choose from. With many free themes, its the best platform.
  • There are lots of free plugins to use. Though there are paid plugins in WordPress, most of the plugins you need to start your blog are completely free.
  • It is popular and used by many big brands like CNN,CBS New York. Now ask yourself, If big brands are safe with WordPress, Why shouldn’t i?
  • WordPress is responsive. That is, it can fit into any mobile browsers. This is very important since most of the world now surf the net on mobile platforms. A responsive website is also very necessary to rank your website. If you want your blog to be rank easily on Google, then it has to be user friendly.

Next step. Get a domain name


A domain is what identifies your blog in the web. For example is the domain name my website.

Some Tips To Choose Best Domain Names

  • Always choose a .net, .com or .org. These are the most com domain name types.
  • Always select memorable domain names. For example, its easy to remember. Right? This makes it easy for people to easy remember your blog.
  • Make it short. If you want a beautiful web domain name, then it should not be more than 8 letters.
  • Make it unique. You do not want to have a domain name that resembles your competitors. This is not good. If you are serious about your brand then you have to be unique. This is important because your competitors are already well known. your visitors are more likely to remember their domain name than yours.
  • Do not add numbers. This not a good seo practice. since your new to blogging, you should avoid domain names with numbers. For example Make is unique without numbers.
  • Avoid hyphens. Having a domain name that looks like this ( is no longer popular.

That’s Not All

  • If you want to learn how to start blogging then you have to learn how to use keywords. You can add your keywords in your domain. While this is a good seo practice, If you want to build a brand then there is no need to add your keywords in your domain name. Popular brand domains are short and simple – Yahoo, google, Microsoft and many others. But if your website is targeting a particular keyword, then you can use your keywords in your domain. For example if you sell cars only in New York and thats the only thing your blog is about, then you can have a domain like this – Easy, Right?
  • If its possible, then get an old domain. While old domain names are not as important as they used to be in the past, it is still an important ranking factor in google eyes.
  • If you become a successful blogger, then its important you want to get similar domain names that are available for your blog. For example, my domain name is To protect my domain completely, i can decide to register, domains.


Popular websites to register domains names

How To Buy A Domain Name At Namecheap

Go to Namecheap website


Type in the domain you have in mind. Check if its available.


Next, view your cart to purchase you new available domain.


New Namecheap domain registration cost $10.87 for a year subscription

With 1 year free WhoisGuard subscription


You can also increase your year of subscription or use a PremiumDNS


Next, create an account with Namecheap

Just fill in the details


If you already have an account with name cheap, you can login here


You can now check out and pay with Paypal. Other payment options are also available.


Namecheap would send you a confirmation email immediately

Why Namecheap domain?

  • Very easy interface to navigate. This one reason why Namecheap is popular. Compared to Godaddy, which has a far more complex interface. If you already purchased your domain from Namecheap, then you know is very easy.
  • Namecheap is the best domain provider. Compared to other providers it has a cheaper renewal rate.
  • It is very secure. They have one of the best security team working to prevent your domain or their hosting is ever hacked. I have been using Namecheap for 2 of my blogs and i can tell you its perfect.
  • Namecheap also has one of the fastest customer support you can think of. Need help? they have are team ready to help you through the process.
  • Namecheap is also very cheap. compared to other providers, it is just the best.
  • When you pay for a Namecheap domain, you are provided with a free 1 year subscription of whoisguard. This easily protects your information online.


Next, Lets get a web hosting platform


This is important.

Without a web hosting service, your website will not be seen on the web.


Here at Hovarr, we registered our domain at Namecheap and use Siteground as our web hosting service. We always want the best for our website and blog.

Why choose Siteground web hosting?

  • They are cheap
  • With Siteground, you get the best customer support you need.
  • Real responses from real people.
  • With more than 10 years experience they have the best reviews.

How To Set Up Your Blog With Siteground

Signing up for a hosting plan is easy

Now, lets get started.

Go to Google, then type in Siteground in the search box


Then click through to the Siteground website


Now go to “Web hosting” and the click “shared hosting

You will now see the different packages for Siteground web hosting


Since you are just starting a blog then you should sign up with the “start up plan

Here are the features of the start up plan.

  • Its cheap, Just $3.95/month and very fast
  • You can have your own customized email with your domain name
  • They also offer a 30 days money back guarantee. If within 30 days you want a refund of your money, then you will get a refund.
  • 24/7 customer support at Siteground.
  • Its surely the best deal in the world. Right?

With the start up plan, you can only install only one blog. It is also just for a maximum of 10,000 visitors monthly and a 10 gig web space. With the Growbig plan, you can build even more blogs. And has a capacity to handle even more than 25000 visitors monthly. If his is your first time, then i advise you to choose the “start up plan“.

Now click the “Start up plan”

Your will be required to fill in your details to create an account

This is self explanatory


Next, fill in your payment details correctly.


You can also choose a data center close to your country.

Once your are through, confirm your agreement with Siteground Terms of Service. Then make your purchase.


Immediately you complete your payment, You will receive a confirmation email at your inbox.

how to start a blog

Also your login details

starting a blog

And finally your DNS settings


Now that you have your login details and DNS settings, lets move on to the next step.

How To Link Your Domain Name To Siteground Server

Lets recap. We already purchased our domain name at Namecheap.

Then our web hosting at Siteground. For our blog to show up in the web, We must link both of them

Don’t panic, Its all easy.

Log in to Namecheap


Just fill in your username and password you already used for registration.

Click “sign in” and continue to the Namecheap dashboard


Wow, you see its easy. When you log in, you can now see your domain you registered at Namecheap.

Next, click through the “manage” link to now edit your custom DNS.


Now go to Name servers, then click on custom DNS. Fill in your DNS details on Name servers 1 and Name servers 2 respectively. Then click save on the right up corner. And with that you have successfully linked your domain to your web host. This process might take some time to complete, so be patient.


Lets install WordPress on our blog.

How To Set Up WordPress At Siteground Web Hosting

Now let install WordPress on our blog.

First, Log in to your Siteground account


Fill in your username and password you got during your registration

Then click on “My Accounts“.


This would then open up your account area. Easily click “go to cpanel“.


You will now log into your Siteground dashboard


Now go to Auto installer, then click on “WordPress

You will open up your WordPress installer in Siteground cpanel


Now make sure your domain name is selected. Then set a username and password for your WordPress admin.

You can also choose your preferred language.

When you a through click “install now” and you will get a message from Siteground to confirm installation of WordPress. This will also contains login information to the back end of your website.


Now to log in to your website, Simple Add /wp-admin to the domain name your have registered.

For example, if your domain name is, you should add /wp-admin.

It will look this way –

With this we have completed WordPress installation and you can now start blogging.

You can now visit your blog and see how it looks.

Just type in your blog web address at your browser.


how to start blogging

Easy, right?

Now your blog is set up completely. Finally, you can now log in to your back end and customize to site.

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