YouTube Seo: How to rank Youtube videos like magic

How_to_rank-Youtube_videosDo you want to know how to rank YouTube videos easily then you have to understand this YouTube seo tutorial and use our proven strategies on your videos.

As you already know,

We all put in a lot of efforts, to create our videos.

If you really want to get the required traffic to your YouTube channel,

Then lets get you started with what most professionals would not let you know.


A lot of people worldwide create YouTube videos

Then upload it to their YouTube channel.

They expect the videos to get the much needed YouTube views and likes

From research this rarely happens.

You must understand that people need to see your videos in the search engines.

This will make it easy to engage and boost your traffic and brand.

However, if this does not happen, then there would be reduced traffic to your channel and videos.

This brings the next important question..

What is YouTube seo?


youtube seoYouTube Seo: The Basics

Now this is the truth,

If you understand the basics of YouTube seo

Then you will rank any video you create on YouTube.

This will also naturally increase your views, likes and boost engagement on your videos.

There are 5 important steps to rank YouTube videos

They are

  • keyword Research
  • Make Quality Video
  • Uploading Your Video
  • Promoting your video
  • Build Quality backlinks




This is the first and important step in seo


Because it easily helps you target the best and most profitable keyword in your nitch.

For beginners lets get to the basics

What are keywords?

Keywords are any word or phrases used in your content or website to make people find you through search engines. This could either be Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

This implies that any word can be a keyword

For example,

These single words are keywords -“YouTube”, “website”

Or, it could be phrases -“website design”, “YouTube views”

And even sentences -“how to create the best website design”

Or “how to make money online”

Anything could be a keyword. It depends on your nitch, brand or business.

For example,

My keyword in this article is “YouTube seo” or “how to rank YouTube videos”

Keywords that are made up of more than 3 words are described are long tail keywords



These type of keywords have their significance and are very important

Research has shown that they tend to convert more than short word keywords

For example,

If person A targets “buy cheap website traffic” as his keyword

He converts more than person B who targets the keyword “website traffic”.

This is because long tail keywords are more user friendly and guarantee much more success.

This implies that you need to mix long tail keywords and your main keywords.

This would easily boost conversion and YouTube ranking

Now that you understand what keywords are lets get more technical.

Don’t worry, Its all easy.


Keyword Research Tools For Beginners

To be able to make a good keyword research you need some tools

For beginners,

You can start with these

    1. Google Search


    2. Google Keyword planner

google-keyword-planner for seo

    3. Long Tail Pro

how to rank youtube videos

With this 3 tools you can get very profitable keywords.

This is especially when you have a low budget.

Other keyword research tools you can use include

how to rank youtube videos


how to rank youtube videos


##Google Search

This is an important seo research tool that is often ignored.

Always start your keyword research from google search. Its very easy to use.

First go to google

Then type in your keywords

We always have a keyword in mind.

For this tutorial lets use “Dog training” as our keyword.

These are the result available from google


Now this is what you have to check for

1. The number of search results that is available for that keyword


2. Then the number of url that contains your keywords


3. Also, the number of title tags that contains the url


4. The number of search results that contain the exact words of the keywords

5. The number of ads displayed on the first page of google


6. If any video is ranking on the first or second page


7. The LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords


LSI keywords are searches that appear on the lower page of your search results.

They are always related to your keywords.

They are very important because they give other possible keywords people are searching for in google.

These are free and now u can understand how important they are.

Google search usually shows about 8 LSI keywords.

This is okay if you have a tight budget. You can check out this keyword tool to get more LSI keywords.


#Key Points:

  • Always target keywords in google with more than 1 million search result.
  • Check If your keywords are present in the url, title, meta description of search results. You may consider using other keywords if you do not have a good seo strategy.
  • Always add related latent semantic indexing keywords in your description. This is important while optimizing and uploading your video.

Now that we understand the basics of using google search for keywords research

let get to the next step


##Google keyword planner

Before choosing a keyword, the google keyword planner, which is free, will guide you with the most important keyword metrics you need.

The most important metrics to check out for are


  • Average keyword searches – This is the exact people searching for that keyword in a month
  • The competition – This how competitive the keyword is.
  • The trend – Search term on relative to regions and how popular a keyword is over time
  • Suggested bid by adwords
  • Ad group ideas


Always go for keywords with more than 800 average monthly searches.


Due to recent updates in google keyword planner. The average monthly searches are now in ranges from 10 – 100, 100 – 1000, 1000 – 10000 and so on.

We always suggest keywords with more than 1000 average monthly searches. But if the keyword is very important for your video or nitch, then can go below that range.

Next step is to check the range of average monthly search volume

For example

If the average monthly keyword searches has probably been on a decline, then you would want to reconsider your chosen keyword.

Also, new updates in google keyword planner does not show this anymore.

If you plan of advertising, then it is available.

Next step is to check for the competition.

Always go for medium and low competitive keywords if you are just getting started.

It is better to rank first on YouTube for a keyword with 1000 monthly searches than to be in page 3 of a keyword with 10k – 100k monthly searches.

At hovarr,

we always target keywords with medium competition. That is, keywords with more than 1000 monthly searches.

It is important to know that this is not a rule. It varies with the nitch and video.


##Paid Keyword Research Tools

Other keyword tools for research has like Moz Analytic Keyword Tool, Long tail pro, SEMrush will also make you get more keywords but are paid tools.

Once you are through with getting the best keywords for your video, then we can move to the next important step.



If you want to rank on YouTube search engine then you always have to create quality videos

Why? Because all the views and seo tips might not rank your video if it sucks

High quality content can easily boost engagement of your viewers.

This would easily make them watch your video through its length (high retention views). And eventually subscribe to your channel.

If you are serious about how you rank in google search engine then think of quality content.

The importance of creating quality content cannot be over emphasized.

Try to make investment in your video.

You can pay a professional studio manager to make and edit your videos for you.

Besides, There are other methods to create quality videos depending on your budget.

You can try some of these tools.

Always create videos that are more than 3 minutes. If you use animated videos for your promotion this should always be more than 30 seconds.

But this is not a rule. Always check out your competitors on YouTube to know what is best for your video.

For example go to YouTube, then type in your keyword



Check the length of video in the first page. And decide your video length accordingly.

YouTube gives preference to lengthy high quality well optimized videos

This is the result from YouTube search for the keyword “how to make money online”


You will notice most of the videos are more than 3 minutes



When uploading your video always follow best practice.

Here at hovarr, we make sure the YouTube video is well optimized from the file to the tags.

Always save the file of your video with your keyword.

This quickly tells YouTube what the video is about.

Though i have ranked many videos without this step, you cannot rank on YouTube without well optimized

  • Title,


  • Description

description for youtube seo

  • Tags


Add Your keywords to your title and make it eye catching

For example,

If your keyword is “how to build a website” then make it attracting and eye catching like this

“how to build a website in 10 minutes” or “how to build a website in 2016

Just like my title in this post is “how to rank on YouTube like magic

Always add your keywords – including long tail keywords to your description. Add relevant LSI keywords to your description.

And always make sure your description is more than 300 words with appropriate tags.

If you are still confused about how to use the keyword planner for research.

You can try Vidneos.


It is a vital YouTube seo tool for keyword research.

Vidneos informs you how your keyword is competitive in google and youtube.


It is a very useful tool for beginners.

Easily provides you with competition score, titles and tags.

You can also check how optimized your title, description and tags are.



You must understand that just as YouTube seo is important to rank your videos, YouTube promotion is as equally important.

Type in your favorite keyword in YouTube search.

You will notice that most of the top ranking videos has a lot of views, likes and also a fair amount of subscribers. This simply means that you need to be smart in video marketing.

Always put your videos in the right audience to increase your views, likes and subscribers

The more views and likes you have the more ranking you can easily get.

The first step to promoting your video is to ask close friends and relatives.

You can also share with family members and community social groups.

Or any membership site where you have built a relationship.

Do not forget to embed your videos on related blog post


And also in related forums.

Social media is an important step in YouTube promotion.

You can start by posting your videos in your social media accounts.

Try posting on Facebook, Twitter and asking followers to watch. You can also get more YouTube views by using paid promotions.



Backlinks are an important part of YouTube seo.

If you have already done all these steps, then building quality backlinks to your video gives you an extra advantage

You can easily link any of your related web pages that have good rankings and traffic.

If this is not possible, You can ask a reputable seo agency to build real backlinks to your video.

This is also why creating quality content is important.

If your video has good content people would easily link to your video and promote it for you.


How to rank YouTube videos- Final tip

Finally, be patient. With everything done right, it still takes some time to rank on YouTube search engines. Approximately 4-8 weeks. Just make sure you have done everything correctly.


Now let us know your thoughts about how you rank your videos on YouTube and questions. Would be available to answer all questions.

If you find it helpful you can share our post on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Just use the share button on your screen.


Thank you


  • Berri jones October 10, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Thanks for this post on video seo. Learning the basics is always important. Though I have always uploaded videos to YouTube without checking how optimized they are. Keyword research is important I see. Will put in most of your strategy on my next video. Awesome!!!

    • dunn October 10, 2016 at 9:09 pm

      I am glad i was able to help you with my post. Thanks

  • Ben Frank October 11, 2016 at 6:06 am

    This is definitely an eye opener. With this, I may have to make improvements on my work with these sacred tips. I’m grateful Hovarr. Thank you very much.

    • dunn October 11, 2016 at 11:30 am

      Thank You.

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